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    1. NAME:   The name of the Group shall be the Northern Counties Golf Union.

    2. OBJECTS:  The objects of the Union shall be:
      1. to further the interests of Amateur Golf in the Counties in the Union.
      2. to assist and co-operate with the English Golf Union and to comply with the Constitution and Rules of the English Golf Union.
      3. to assist Counties in the Union.
      4. to arrange such meetings, championships and matches to further the above objects.

    3. MEMBERSHIP:  Membership shall consist of the Golf Unions of Cheshire, Cumbria, Durham, Isle of Man, Lancashire, Northumberland and Yorkshire.

    4. OFFICERS:  The officers shall consist of a Chairman, a Secretary/Treasurer who shall be elected by the committee at the Annual General Meeting.   The Chairman shall be elected for a term of three years and each County shall make a nomination on a rota basis as in Rule 10.   All member Counties shall be entitled to make nominations for the Secretary/Treasurer not late than the 31st August preceding the Annual General Meeting each year.   If the Secretary has received no written nominations for Officers then nominations may be accepted at the Annual General Meeting.

    5. COMMITTEE:  The Committee shall consist of the Officers of the Union, two members nominated by each County Union , and such members who shall be annually nominated by their County to serve on the Executive Committee of the English Golf Union.  The management and control of the Union shall be vested in the Committee.

    6. VOTING:  Each County Union shall have one vote at any meeting of the Committee.   The Officers and other members of the Committee shall have no vote except that in the event of there being an equality on votes cast, then the Chairman shall have a casting vote.

    7. MEETINGS:  The Annual General Meeting shall be held in October or November each year at such time and venue as the Committee shall decide.   Additional meetings shall be held as required by the Committee or upon the written request of any County Union.   Additional meetings shall be held as required by the Committee or upon the written request of any County Union.   The Secretary shall give 28 days notice of any m,eeting, together with an Agenda, to the Officers and to each of the Secretaries of the member counties and to the members nominated by the Group to serve on the Executive Committee of the English Golf Union.   The Chairman will preside at all meetings and in the event of his absence the Committee shall elect a Chairman from amongst those present.   A nominated representative from each of three Counties shall form a quorum at any meeting.

    8. FINANCE:  The annual subscription of the member counties shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting and shall become due on the 1st January following.   The Secretary/Treasurer shall keep proper books of account and bank accounts for the Union and will produce a Statement of Account of the funds and expenses of the Group at each Annual General Meeting or at any other time required by the Committee.

    9. SECRETARY/TREASUER:  The Secretary/Treasurer will be responsible for calling meetings of the Union and taking minutes.   He will be responsible for organising the Northern Counties Qualifying Rounds and carrying out any other duties required by the Committee.

    10. ROTA: (a) The following events shall be on a rota basis set by the Honorary Secretary and agreed by the Committee:-

      • Northern Counties Men's Qualifying 
      • Northern Counties Boys' Qualifying  
      • Northern Counties Seniors' Qualifying
      • Northern Counties Seniors' Championship 
      • Courses: Each county shall nominate their course as a venue for the respective event for approval by the Committee.<br/ >If any County shall be hosting two events in the same year the Committee may amend the rota.
      • Northern Counties Chairman:  Yorkshire, Cumbria, Cheshire, Durham, Northumberland and Lancashire.
    11. RULES:

    • Any County wishing to amend, add to, or delete any existing Rule must first give notice in writing to the Secretary 42 days prior to any Annual General Meeting.   The Secretary will then give 28 days notice of such proposed Rule alteration to each County with the notice convening the meeting.   The proposed alteration will be carried if there is a two thirds majority of Counties voting in favour at the Annual General Meeting.